12 tangos

A documentary film
Full title: “12 Tangos – Adios Buenos Aires”

The story: (brief quote from the official website)

'In “12 Tangos“, recorded live in “La Catedral”, the hottest tango hall in town and performed by some of Argentina’s finest musicians, the film narrates very touching and personal stories of crisis and immigration – and connects the sentiments of its protagonists with the music, the lyrics and the dance steps of the tango.'


A selection of video clips from this film are available at 12 tangos youtube channel.

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Por una Cabeza

Literally means for one head. In the context of tango lyrics it means by a head of a horse. The music is originally composed by Carlos Gardel and the lyrics are written by Alfredo Le Pera.

Por una Cabeza tells the story of a gambler who compares his lack of luck with women to a horse race where the difference between winning all and losing all is a matter of one head of a horse.

This music is in Scent of a Woman, Schindlers List, and True lies

The tango theme is said to be similar to a theme from Mozart's Violin Rondo

Tango Films and Tango Scenes in the Movies

This is a list of scenes from movies exclusively dedicated to tango as well as tango scenes from various other movies. Great source for dance choreography ideas especially if you want to set up a small tango demo a la movie style.

Tango "Recuerdo" by Osvaldo Pugliese

Frida Kahlo "Alcoba Azul"

Take the Lead "Asi se Baila el Tango"

Take the Lead "La Cumparsita"

Scent of a Woman "Por una Cabeza"

Chicago "Cellblock Tango"

Assassination Tango "Assassination tango"

Shall we Dance "Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)"

El Tango de Roxanne from the musical Moulin Rouge

Documentaries [12 Tangos]

Exclusively about Tango [The Tango Lesson, Tango]

Award winning Tango Animation - En Tus Brazos

Another animation:
Tanguito - Fun tango animation

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Tango from the movie "Scent of a Woman"

Tango dance scene from the movie Scent of a Woman (1992). The music is "Por una cabeza" by Carlos Gardel.

Al Pacino (plays Frank, a retired Lt Col in the US army) is awarded Oscar for his role in the film.

Music: Carlos Gardel

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Asi se Baila el Tango

Hot tango scene from the movie 'Take the Lead'

Antonio Banderas (in the movie plays Pierre Dulaine) and Natalli Reznik (in the movie plays competitive dancer) show some hot moves while dancing to the music of tango.

The music is variation of ‘Asi se Baila el Tango’ performed by Bailongo featuring Veronica (Vero) Verdier.

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